KorBodyWorkx Mobile Massage FAQ

At KorBodyWorkx, we realize that many individuals are new to the world of massage. Our goal is to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Here is a listing of the questions (and their respective answers) that we commonly receive from future clients just like you.

Always remember that if you have any additional questions you can always contact us or simply ask your massage therapist the day of your appointment.

What should I expect at first?

If it’s your first visit, you may find yourself needing to fill out a brief health history form, and the therapist on duty will figure out your physical state. Together you’ll determine which of the massage techniques is going to benefit you the most. This will ensure that you maximize the time spent receiving the massage and will leave you feeling relaxed, stress free, and revitalized.

What should I wear?

You’ll be able to wear whatever you want, at least initially. Depending on the massage, changes to clothing may be necessary. If your clothing is a concern, you may wish to wear something you can easily change in and out of. Remember: Comfort is your goal. We understand your privacy concerns and we will work with you to ensure that your clothing level is comfortable.

What do I do during treatment?

Ask your therapist what you’ll need to do for the type of massage you’ll be receiving. The ultimate goal is relaxation and relief, so again, comfort is ideal. The therapist will help you figure out how to obtain this. You may be asked to move and adjust to certain positions throughout the duration of the therapy. Because every human body is different in terms of where tension and stress is stored, your therapist will work with you to maximize the benefit of your session.

How does it feel?

There is a large variety of sensations you could be experiencing depending on the type of therapy. Oils and scents will help you stay relaxed and you’re always welcome to provide feedback as you go. Part of the training massage therapists undergo is making sure that the entire experience is a positive one for you, so there’s no need to stress about what it might feel like.

How long does it last?

This varies, however, typically an hour or longer for a full body massage. Sometimes a partial massage will only take a half hour. You do, however, want to allow yourself some time to relax afterwards and beforehand to ease your body for optimal treatment effectiveness. If time is an issue, your therapist will target areas that appear to be the most tense.

How does it feel afterwards?

Ideally you’ll be very relaxed. What people often find is that they are slowed down and calm for a little while until suddenly becoming energized as the body re-awakens. This new energy can last up to days. For ideal after-effects, drink lots of water to help your body revitalize itself as you’ll be losing a lot of toxins during the massage.

Is every massage going to be good for me?

Not necessarily. Part of the reason you want to discuss with your therapist beforehand your medical history and get evaluated is because there may be certain kinds of massage you’ll wish to stay away from. In some cases, medical conditions will not allow certain types of massage to be performed. Your therapist will let you know how often your body needs massage based on your stress level and your body’s ability to handle the massage.